Visitation Changes – COVID-19

Resident and Families:

The California Department of Social Services has issued new guidelines for visitation in Residential Care Facilities for Elders (RCFE) effective immediately due to the rapid rise in cases, the majority of which are occurring in unvaccinated individuals.

Effective September 9, 2021, RCFEs will be required to verify the vaccination status of all visitors seeking indoor visitation with their residents and requiring COVID testing of any unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated individual seeking indoor visitation.

Residents with Confirmed COVID-19 Infection:

  • No outdoor visitation will be permitted until resident is removed from isolation or quarantine.
  • Indoor visitation will be limited to essential visits only with all required personal protective equipment for quarantine or isolation (gloves, gown, eye protection, N95 mask).
  • Essential visits include: essential health care, end-of-life, compassionate care, visits required for ongoing RCFE operations, authorized under disability law or otherwise mandated by law

All Visitors (except virtual visitors) will be required to:

  • Be screened upon arrival to the Community for fever, appropriate wearing of a mask, signs and symptoms of COVID, and recent exposure to a COVID positive individual; AND
  • Be required to maintain social distancing form others while at the Community unless meeting certain exceptions outlined below (“Physical Touch”)

Physical Touch (Indoor and Outdoor Visitation:

Visitors may have close contact (touch, hugs, assisting with activities of daily living, etc.) with a Resident:

  • If BOTH the visitor and resident are fully vaccinated and visitor and resident engage in hand hygiene before and after contact; OR
  • If resident is fully vaccinated and visitor is not fully vaccinated IF resident chooses.

ALL VISITORS must socially distance from other residents and staff, regardless of the visitor’s vaccination status, while on the Community’s premises.

For those seeking Indoor Visitation:

  • Visitor must show evidence of his/her/their fully vaccinated status; OR
  • Visitor must show evidence of a negative COVID-19 test in the previous 72 hours from the visit.
  • NOTE:  Community will not provide testing for visitors.

Required Proof of Vaccination or Negative COVID-19 Test:

For a visitor to provide proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test as outlined above, visitor must provide Community:

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card issued by the Department of Human Services Centers for Disease Control & Prevent or WHO Yellow Card (includes name of person vaccinated, type of vaccine provided, and date last does administered); OR
  • A photo of the Vaccination Record Card; OR
  • Document of COVID-19 vaccination from a healthcare provider; OR
  • Digital record that includes a QR code that when scanned by a SMART Health Card reader displays the individual’s name, date of birth, vaccine dates and vaccine type.

Negative COVID Test (for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated visitors)

  • Test can be an antigen or PCR test.
  • The test used must either have Emergency Use Authorization by the US Food & Drug Administration or be operating per the Laboratory Developed Test requirements of the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Testing sites can be found at:
  • In lieu of going to a testing site and bringing in the official testing results (no older than 72 hours prior to the resident visit), visitors can purchase their own self-test that meets the above standards and perform it on-site immediately prior to the visit.
  • Tests can be obtained from locations like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and other pharmacy locations.

Outdoor and Virtual Visitation:

  • Will continue for visitors and residents regardless of vaccination status unless:
  • Resident with confirmed COVID-19 infection – see above;
  • Follow the requirements for all visitors – see above; and
  • Follow the guidelines for physical touch – see above.
  • Contact the Community for assistance with arranging virtual visitation.

Visitations will continue to be in resident room and/or courtyard only. Please refrain from moving about the community unless necessary. No guests inside the dining room or overnight stays currently.

Visitors who fail to follow the Community’s procedures for visitation will be asked to leave the Community immediately.

Thank you for following these requirements as we work to protect our residents through this latest wave of the pandemic.  We will keep you informed if we must make any other changes to our visitation procedures based on an outbreak at our Community or further regulations published by the state. If you have any questions regarding visitation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to thank every one of you who take the utmost care in keeping The Lexington as safe as possible by following these guidelines! Together, we will continue to get through these difficult times.


Matteo DiGrigoli
Operations Manager